Think 20/20 workouts

What is Think 20/20?

Think 20/20 is more than a workshop - it's a WORKOUT with a personal design coach! We bring our innovation gym to you for a hands-on workout to teach design thinking methodology and apply it to your 'How might we...'? challenge. We will explore new ways to solve problems, as well as uncover hidden problems to solve. This methodology can be applied to product, service, and/or behavior challenges. Workshops are customized to fit your needs.

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If your business wishes to sponsor a 'How might we...?' challenge or if you wish to participate in a Think 20/20 workout contact Karin at


Experience Customized Workouts

Current Workouts

  • Challenging the Flow of Status Quo - Level 1 (Basics of Design Thinking) - 2 days - learn how to better understand user desirability to uncover hidden needs that lead to innovative solutions
  • Challenging the Flow of Status Quo - Level 2 (Advanced Design Thinking) -  3 days - learn how to generate new ideas, prototype, and test which idea is most feasible
  • Design Sprints (Applied Design Thinking) - 5 days -  map, sketch, decide, prototype, and test ideas before bringing your product or service to market
  • Designing for Endurance (Design Thinking for Strategy) - 5 days - learn and apply the Strategy Process Map and the Strategy Choice Cascade to create a winning strategy